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Betsy O’Brien, MD is a board-certified psychiatrist offering services to adult residents in New York and New Jersey. She has a vast array of clinical interests; however, her specializations are post-partum depression, mood disorders and women’s issues and health. Betsy has additional training and board certification in psychosomatic medicine, also called consultation-liaison psychiatry.  Because she has treated patients with acute and chronic medical conditions, she places a strong emphasis on the integration of physical and mental healthcare.  Betsy believes that psychopharmacological interventions are an important part of a treatment plan, alleviating symptoms and improving a patient’s ability to function in their day to day life.  These interventions can also stabilize symptoms so that a patient can effectively participate in other modalities of care such as therapy and integrative medicine.

Betsy’s interest in mental health care stems from her interest in psychology and was a psychology major and pre-med at Yale University.  This interest continued in medical school where she was fascinated by the integration of physical and mental health. She enjoys the continuity of care in psychiatry and the ability to treat acute and chronic symptoms in an outpatient setting.

Betsy worked in a busy urban psychiatric emergency room as the attending psychiatrist. She was a nationally ranked junior tennis player and played Division 1 college tennis. Betsy has two young children and leads an active lifestyle including skiing, running and biking.

“You can rise up from anything.  You can completely recreate yourself.  Nothing is permanent.  You’re not stuck.  You have choices. You can think new thoughts.  You can learn something new.  You can create new habits.  All that matters is that you decide today and never look back.” – Idil Ahmed

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