Dr. Shane Rau offers behavioral health care services to adults in North Carolina, New Jersey, Tennessee and Virginia. He has many clinical interests and his expertise lies in mood disorders, anxiety disorders, panic disorder, trauma & PTSD and psychosis. Dr. Rau’s interest in mental health arose at the intersection of his interests in the study of the brain and mind with a hope to make a difference in people’s lives. Dr. Rau’s prefers to take a shared decision-making approach to understand his patient’s perspective to ultimately empower his patient to improve their mental health. Dr. Rau is a huge movie buff with a special interest in science fiction and historical drama. He also loves nature and enjoys the time that he can spend outdoors. “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

Dr. Renu Gupta offers services to adolescents and adults throughout Illinois. Dr. Gupta has many clinical interests that include mood disorders, PTSD, depression, anxiety disorders and bipolar disorders. She prefers to utilize positive psychology and psychodynamic models of treatment with her patients. There are no populations that Dr. Gupta is not willing to work with.

Dr. Nicole Christian-Brathwaite is a board-certified psychiatrist offering services to children, adolescents and adults in Illinois, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Utah and Virginia. She has a variety of clinical interests; however, she specializes in mood disorders, child and adolescent psychiatry, trauma and racial trauma. Her philosophy of care is patient-centered and strength-based.

Dr. Christian-Brathwaite became interested in mental and behavioral health care after working as an elementary school teacher. She realized that the children who were having the most difficulty were those with a history of trauma or mental health concerns.

Dr. Christian-Brathwaite is originally from Philadelphia and will always be an Eagles and Sixers fan. Her favorite singer is Whitney Houston.

“Statistics don’t lie, statisticians do.”

Dr. Sara Bodner is a board-certified psychiatrist offering services to adults in California, Florida and Illinois. She has a variety of clinical interests; however, she specializes in bipolar, post-traumatic stress disorder, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia. Sara’s philosophy of care is centered around her personal view of mental health being like a seesaw. She believes that a psychiatrist must improve things enough so that the balance shifts the patient’s mood, psyche and cognition from going down to going up. When that shift occurs, the patient can better help themselves through therapy, exercise and behavioral interventions.

Sara had a relative who had a mental health problem which left an impression on her and lead her to a career in mental and behavioral health care.

Sara used to work in cancer research and did some of the early research on tumor suppressor genes. In addition to being a psychiatrist, she has three board certifications in pathology. Sara trained in psychiatry at Yale, where her father is an alumnus.

“Im a man of principle and the principal principle is flexibility. – Sam Ervin

Joseph Sanders is a licensed clinical social worker offering services to adults in Illinois and New Jersey. He has a variety of clinical interests; however, he specializes in mood disorders, substance abuse, anxiety disorder, trauma, depression and PTSD. In his practice, Joseph partners with clients to explore difficulties, possible solutions and ways to deal with them. He strongly believes in building on the strengths that each client brings to therapy and developing coping skills and tools to assist in the difficulties that they are experiencing.

Joseph’s interest in mental and behavioral health care developed from personal experience; several of his family members had substance abuse and mental health issues and were successful in both inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Joseph is also an Eagle Scout, abstract artist and enjoys 70 & 80’s alternative music.

“Healing takes time and asking for help is a courageous step.” -Mariska Hargitay

Clinician Gender Identity: Male

Clinician Racial/Ethnic Identity: White

Language(s): English

Treatment Age Range: 18+



Anxiety Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Behavioral Disorders

Bipolar Disorder



Domestic Violence/Abuse


Eating Disorders

Family Conflict

Gambling Problems

Gender Identity and Dysphoria

Geriatric Therapy

LGBT Issues

Life Transitions

Men’s Issues and Health

Mood Disorders

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Panic Disorder

Racial Identity

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem


Stress Management

Substance Abuse

Dependence and Addiction

Trauma and PTSD

Women’s Issues and Health


Coping Skills



Learning Disabilities

Racial Inequality

Sexual Abuse

Sexual Addiction

Sleep or Insomnia


Grief Counseling

Internet Addiction

Substance Use

Treatment Modalities:

Art Therapy

Christian Counseling


Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)-focused

Culturally Sensitive

Dialectical (DBT)-focused

Expressive Arts




Mindfulness-Based (MBCT)

Motivational Interviewing




Rational Emotional Behavior (REBT)

Reality Therapy


Solution Focused Brief (SFBT)




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