Array Behavioral Care Awarded Top Places to Work by Ragan

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. – May X, 2023 — Array Behavioral Care, the nation’s leading virtual psychiatry and therapy practice, was recently awarded a ‘Top Places to Work’ by Ragan and received honorable mention for several other awards, including ‘Best Remote Work Experience,’ ‘Amazing Workplace Culture’ and ‘Employee Experience and Engagement.’  

As a predominately remote culture, even prior to the pandemic, Array has always prioritized the mental health and wellbeing of its valued employed, with programs designed to support four key pillars – Transparent Communication, Multi-Faceted Wellness, Training & Development and Culture & Connectedness.   

From quarterly all hands meetings, biannual clinician town halls, active Microsoft Teams channels and monthly newsletters, we pride ourselves on keeping our employees well-informed about all that’s happening in and around our organization and the behavioral health industry. Between a dynamic corporate wellness program with Peloton®, weekly meditation sessions and virtual group classes, free annual CALM app subscriptions and a robust EAP program, we strive to meet employees where they are to support the whole person.  Our fully integrated learning management system, regular live training workshops, dedicated continuing education committee, clinician-led community events with CME opportunities, and individual development plans for employees places a high value on professional development.  Last but certainly not least, a dedicated Engagement team and a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee oversees culture and connectedness. Through various employee-led affinity groups and virtual activities, nationally recognized campaigns such as black history month, Hispanic heritage month, mental health month, and Pride month, just to name a few, we take celebrating culture and diversity to a whole new level. Our rewards and recognition program through Nectar allows employees to recognize one another for their contributions and how they are exemplifying our core values here at Array. 

Three designated surveys held at key intervals throughout the year allow Array to keep the pulse on how employees are feeling, ensure they are aligned with department and individual goals, and provide opportunities to share their candid feedback.  We in turn review, share, and address areas for improvement that ultimately create positive impacts across the organization. Our surveys focus on supervisor and leadership effectiveness, corporate culture, work environment, role satisfaction, pay and benefits, employee wellness and burnout, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.   

Array’s Talent Engagement Manager, Desiré Stasen, attended a luncheon at City Winery in Chicago to accept the award on Array’s behalf. When asked what makes Array stand out from other organizations, she shared how Array’s wellness programs, affinity groups and cultural initiatives are designed to meet employees where they are, encouraging them to bring their unique selves to work every single day. “Mental health is at the heart and center of everything we do at Array” Stasen said. “We all know you can’t pour from an empty cup, so we provide programming and resources to support the mental health of our valued employees who, in turn, support the mental health needs of hundreds of thousands of others.” 

Geoffrey Boyce, Array’s CEO agrees. “A company is only as good as its people. As a mission-driven provider of behavioral care, our people are the very heart of our organization and are our greatest asset.  Being recognized by Ragan as a top place to work with consideration for our amazing culture and employee experiences is truly something to be celebrated.” 

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About Array Behavioral Care

Array Behavioral Care is the nation's leading clinician-centric virtual psychiatry and therapy practice with a mission to transform access to quality, timely behavioral health care. Array offers telepsychiatry solutions and services across the continuum of care, from hospital to home, through its three flexible delivery models. For more than 20 years, Array has partnered with hundreds of hospitals and health systems, community health care organizations and payers of all sizes to expand access to care and improve outcomes for underserved individuals, facilities, and communities. As an industry pioneer and established thought leader, Array has helped shape the field, define the standard of care and advocate for improved telepsychiatry-friendly regulations. To learn more, visit 

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