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The need for quality behavioral health services isn’t just growing—it’s exploding.

As the organization your community turns to for help, your clinicians, staff and resources are being or will be stretched to a breaking point. Sometimes, you need someone else to help carry the load. Enter, Array.

An Array telebehavioral program modernizes your typical approach to behavioral health in a way that minimizes disruption and builds on the familiar workflow your team knows and the familiar experiences your patients trust.

Forget the burdens of recruiting and onboarding scarcely available clinicians by accessing behavioral health capacity to enhance the bandwidth of your staff. Grow and innovate all or part of your program and services without sacrificing the ability to deliver care as an onsite specialist would.

Leaning on experience from hundreds of programs and thousands of patient sessions held in mental health centers and CMHCs, Array aligns skilled telebehavioral health clinicians to the needs of your organization and patients. With expanded bandwidth across individual team members and the organization as a whole, you’ll increase access to quality behavioral care while minimizing costs and time dedicated to the recruitment, onboarding and licensing.

Array clinicians will be dedicated to you, matched to your specific priorities and learn your leadership, staff and workflows for optimal collaboration and unified patient care.

Here's What Our Partners Have to Say


This year, our partner satisfaction scores soared to new heights. When surveyed, 97% of partners say they would recommend our services. This feedback reflects not only our commitment to delivering quality behavioral health care, improving patient outcomes and care access, but also our dedication to building strong, lasting relationships with our partners through the design of comprehensive virtual programs that are sustainable and scalable.

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An In-Office Process

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Want to Talk?

If you are in crisis, call 988 to talk with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, text HOME to 741741 to connect to a free crisis counselor, or go to your nearest emergency room.