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As the US faces a shortage of mental health experts, accessing an even more specialized and limited subset of clinicians with correctional experience seems daunting, if not impossible.

Whether its geographic barriers caused by their remote location or the apprehension of clinicians to care for offender populations, a correctional telepsychiatry program will help facilities bypass the challenges of finding behavioral health clinicians who are qualified, willing and able to work in these settings. Array’s clinical, operational and technical experience in correctional mental health will ensure your facility delivers the required levels of care while minimizing transportation and personnel costs associated with offsite services.

With Array OnDemand Care, correctional facilities can have 24-hour coverage and access to psychiatric treatment within an hour on average. This allows your facility to be prepared for psychiatric crises and to address issues onsite, where inmates receive rapid care in a secure and familiar environment.

Array Scheduled Care ensures individuals who are at risk of future escalation and psychiatric emergencies receive routine psychiatric care. By enabling regular medication management, telepsychiatry can ultimately reduce the number of inmates on medication while cutting the amount spent on pharmaceuticals for those who truly need it.

The Cost Benefits of Telepsychiatry in Correctional Facilities

Mental health disorders—including increasing numbers of suicide attempts— are common in correctional settings and the cost for treatment can be significant. By using telepsychiatry, transportation and supervision costs are reduced by providing timely psychiatric care and evaluation onsite. With an average of $2,600 spent for transportation and officer overtime, as well as the cost of a hospital stay, telepsychiatry can result in significant cost savings for your facility.

Want to Talk?

If you are in crisis, call 988 to talk with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, text HOME to 741741 to connect to a free crisis counselor, or go to your nearest emergency room.