Mifflin County Correctional Facility Realizes Significant Cost Savings with Telepsychiatry


Prior to starting telepsychiatry, Mifflin County Correctional facility faced high cost of psychiatric medication for inmates.


Within the first month of partnering with Array for telepsychiatry services, Mifflin County Correctional Facility lowered their psychiatric medication cost by $1,503.42. A comparison of monthly pharmacy costs pre- and post-initiation of telepsychiatry services further demonstrates the cost savings they realized with telepsychiatry and proper formulary adherence.

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Additional Benefits

Mifflin Country Correctional Facility found the transition to telepsychiatry seamless and easy and credits Array for the continued success of their program. They cite Array's ongoing support and commitment to quality care, timely communication and provider matching as reasons for their success. They consider their telepsychiatry providers a great fit for their organization and appreciate that these providers have been flexible, responsive, and willing to testify – even at the last minute – for mental health hearings.


Telepsychiatry offers access to corrections-specific psychiatrists who understand the nuances of treating incarcerated individuals while maintaining adherence to a strict formulary which leads to significant savings on psychiatry medication.

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