InSight Launches Child and Adolescent Telepsychiatry Services at Youth Crisis Center, Inc. in Florida

Jacksonville, FL – Youth Crisis Center, Inc. (YCC), which provides short-term crisis care, mental health counseling, skills-based group training and transitional living services for children, teens, young adults and their families, and InSight Telepsychiatry are pleased to announce a new partnership to increase psychiatric coverage for individuals seeking mental health care.

Telepsychiatry is the delivery of psychiatry through real time videoconferencing. It has been found to be an effective form of care delivery and a convenient, cost-effective way to safely expand psychiatric support without the challenge of staffing an in-person psychiatry provider.

The services provided through the telepsychiatry program will include the same services someone would receive in-person, with the goal of treating children and adolescents so they achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Mental health is a top concern in Florida. Florida has approximately 400,000 children who need mental health services, but 55% of them do not get any treatment.[1] Across the state, there are only 412 child and adolescent psychiatrists. This means there are 10 child and adolescent providers per 100,000 individuals.[2]

A survey done by the Florida Department of Health ranked mental health care as the third-hardest health care service to obtain in Duval County, where YCC is located. In the county, there is one mental health professional per 153 individuals seeking mental health treatment.[3]

“There is a strong need for child and adolescent mental health services in our community and we’re excited to supplement our program with telepsychiatry,” said Cecelia Stalnaker-Cauwenberghs, Chief Clinical Officer at YCC.

“Telepsychiatry gives communities unprecedented access to mental health care specialists. We are pleased to partner with Youth Crisis Center, Inc. to offer this service.  Telepsychiatry is a great solution, not only in Florida, but also in many other states across the nation where there is significant mental health need and a shortage of psychiatry providers,” said Jonathan Posten, Senior Director of Operations.

About Youth Crisis Center, Inc.

Founded in 1974 as Florida’s first runaway program, Youth Crisis Center has grown to one of the largest and best-known providers of services for youth and families. YCC’s emphasis on care is for those who have been exposed to traumatic situations such as divorce, homelessness, relocation, loss of life, bullying and abuse. YCC provides a variety of services for children, adolescents, young adults, parents and families.

About InSight Telepsychiatry

InSight is the leading national telepsychiatry service provider organization with a mission to increase access to quality behavioral health care through innovative applications of technology.  InSight has over two decades of telepsychiatry experience and serves hundreds of organizations across the country with its on-demand, scheduled services and Inpathy divisions. InSight is uniquely positioned to offer scalable telepsychiatry services in settings across the continuum of care. InSight has a diverse team of psychiatry providers, a robust internal infrastructure and a history of adapting its programs to fit the needs of a variety of different settings and populations.  InSight has led the growth of the telepsychiatry industry and remains an industry thought leader and advocate.  InSight Telepsychiatry and Regroup Telehealth recently merged to become the largest and most comprehensive telepsychiatry service provider in the US.  To learn more about telepsychiatry and how it can benefit you or your organization, visit





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