InSight Telepsychiatry Experts Present Psychiatry Grand Rounds

KALAMAZOO, MI – Representatives from InSight Telepsychiatry participated in a grand rounds presentation for the Department of Psychiatry at Western Michigan University Homer Stryker, M.D. School of Medicine. This was the first time the School of Medicine held a presentation on the topic of telepsychiatry.

The presenters were Randy McCloud and Dillon Euler, M.D. McCloud has a decade of diverse healthcare experiences and extensive clinical knowledge of behavioral health, in addition to experience designing and implementing successful telepsychiatry programs. Dr. Euler has focused his career on public and community psychiatry, forensic psychiatry and administrative consulting. For the past two years, Dr. Euler has worked in emergency telepsychiatry and is very interested in improving access to and quality of psychiatric care in various communities.

In their presentation entitled, How to Make Telepsychiatry Work, McCloud and Dr. Euler discussed:

  • How telepsychiatry is used
  • The benefits of utilizing these kinds of services
  • Different models of telepsychiatry
  • The best practices for organizations and providers when using telepsychiatry.

As an appropriate demonstration of telemedicine’s technological capabilities, Dr. Euler joined via videoconference and shared a clinical case study demonstrating the strengths of telepsychiatry care in practice.  Those in attendance were left with a few “Telepsychiatry Takeaways” to remember as they continue their work in the behavioral health field.

About InSight + Regroup 

InSight + Regroup (now Array Behavioral Care) is the leading and largest telepsychiatry service provider in the US with a mission to transform access to quality behavioral health care.  InSight + Regroup serves hundreds of organizations and individuals in various settings across the continuum of care with its on-demand, scheduled services and direct-to-consumer (Inpathy) divisions.  Given its size, diversity of services and extensive experience and expertise, InSight + Regroup is uniquely positioned to enable scalable telepsychiatry programs across the care continuum.  As an industry thought leader, InSight + Regroup has helped shape the field, define the standard of care and advocate for improved telepsychiatry-friendly regulations. To learn more, visit

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