InSight Telepsychiatry Imploring DEA for More Flexible Controlled Substance Prescribing

MARLTON, NJ – InSight Telepsychiatry continues to advocate strongly for telemedicine-friendly changes to the Ryan Haight Act and recently joined 18 other healthcare organizations in supporting a letter penned by the ATA to the DEA. This letter outlines specific recommendations and concerns regarding the development of the upcoming special registration for telemedicine.  Specifically, these signatories strongly encourage the DEA to consider how the process and criteria for special registration for controlled substance prescribing via telemedicine can impact patients living with serious, chronic, disabling, and debilitating conditions, such as substance use disorder and psychiatric conditions.

InSight Telepsychiatry Joins Other Signatories in Imploring DEA for More Flexible Controlled Substance Prescribing via Telemedicine

InSight, along with numerous national organizations, firmly believes that telemedicine has the power to transform our nation’s health care system, reduce disparities in health outcomes and significantly expand access to care among patients in underserved communities.  As such, we feel strongly that any regulations promulgated regarding the special registration for telemedicine must be structured to enable the safe prescribing of certain controlled substances via telemedicine.

To read the full stakeholder letter to the DEA on a Special Registration provision for telemedicine under the Ryan Haight Act click here.

We look forward to the DEA’s release of the special registration for public comment prior to the October 24, 2019, deadline and are confident that the final version of this federal policy will open the doors to more people being served via telemedicine.

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