InSight Telepsychiatry Moves to a New Location

Mount Laurel, NJ – InSight Telepsychiatry has moved their headquarters from Marlton to Mount Laurel, NJ. With their recent growth, they are excited to have upgraded to a bigger office up the street. In addition to their recent organic growth, InSight also recently merged with Regroup Telehealth. Along with a larger space, approximately 10,500 square feet, this new office offers much more.

As a mental health organization, InSight wants to focus on the wellness of their team members by creating a healthy environment. There is an abundance of natural light and plants in order to bring life, clean air and a relaxed atmosphere in the new space. Additionally, there is a push toward paperless and a focus on “going green.”

To support collaboration, the office has multiple meeting rooms, three balconies and many seating areas located throughout. Employees are also welcome to utilize treadmill desks if they find that moving while working helps get things done.

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”We’re excited about our new space,” says Geoffrey Boyce, Chief Executive Officer of InSight Telepsychiatry. “It is a great representation of InSight’s growth over the past several years and allows us to accommodate more team members here in New Jersey, in addition to providing a space that welcomes innovation and collaboration.”

InSight looks forward to making this new space their home.

Marlton Office 768x576 1

About InSight Telepsychiatry

InSight is the leading national telepsychiatry service provider organization with a mission to increase access to quality behavioral health care through innovative applications of technology. InSight has over two decades of telepsychiatry experience and serves hundreds of organizations across the country with its on-demand, scheduled services and Inpathy divisions. InSight is uniquely positioned to offer scalable telepsychiatry services in settings across the continuum of care. InSight has a diverse team of psychiatry providers, a robust internal infrastructure and a history of adapting its programs to fit the needs of a variety of different settings and populations. InSight has led the growth of the telepsychiatry industry and remains an industry thought leader and advocate. InSight Telepsychiatry and Regroup Telehealth recently merged to become the largest and most comprehensive telepsychiatry service provider in the US. To learn more about telepsychiatry and how it can benefit you or your organization, visit

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