InSight Telepsychiatry to Present at the National Council Conference

WASHINGTON, DC – InSight Telepsychiatry, the leading national telepsychiatry provider organization with a mission to increase access to behavioral health care, will be presenting at the 2018 National Council Conference held in Washington, DC from April 23 – 25, 2018. Select InSight representatives are presenting two workshop posters, as well as speaking on a panel discussing telebehavioral health strategy.

On Monday April 23 InSight’s Northeast account executive, Dan Khebzou, is presenting a workshop poster:  “ACT Now: Expanding an Assertive Community Treatment Program Using Telebehavioral Health.”

Khebzou’s Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)  presentation will describe how telepsychiatry can be used to support ACT programs. When Delaware became the first state to merge telepsychiatry with ACT in 2014, it was a partnership between the national human services nonprofit organization, Resources for Human Development, and InSight. The option to supplement ACT programs with telebehavioral health is significant because it offers a clearly defined model, and is clinically appealing to practitioners, financially appealing to administrators and scientifically appealing to researchers. This presentation will give c-suite executives and healthcare administrators an overview of how telebehavioral health can support ACT teams, provide lessons learned from both organizations and show how this program could be replicated in other communities, and learn how one program used telebehavioral health to serve more patients through ACT.

On April 24, InSight’s Mid-Atlantic account executive Aaron Lawler will be presenting a workshop poster with the director of community partnerships of St. Joseph’s Villa, Craig Hedley. The presentation, “Addressing Crisis in a Community Setting: Using Telepsychiatry to Provide Crisis Stabilization Services for Vulnerable Children and Adolescents,” will be centered on the unique benefits of telepsychiatry for children and adolescents in crisis. Lawler and Hedley will describe the opportunities for integrating telepsychiatry into a unique community setting and population, as well as the best practices for supporting a crisis stabilization unit for children via telehealth.

Creating a Telebehavioral Health Strategy

Additionally, InSight CEO Geoffrey Boyce will sit on a panel on April 24. The panel discussion, “Creating a Telebehavioral Health Strategy,” will focus on how organizations can integrate telehealth into their current services and future strategies to add value at the consumer, provider, organizational and community levels. The panel will reiterate the significance of creating those strategies, evaluate the challenges and nuances of integrating telebehavioral health into the outpatient setting, as well as explore how organizations can design and implement a successful long-term telebehavioral health strategy at their organization. Other panelists include Jonathan Evans, CEO of InnovaTel, Samir Malik, executive vice president and general manager of Genoa Telepsychiatry. It will be moderated by Joe Parks, MD, medical director of the National Council of Behavioral Health.

Visit booth 447 during the conference to connect with InSight and learn more information about its outpatient services. InSight’s programs for outpatient organizations are run through its scheduled services division. With scheduled telepsychiatry, InSight assigns a consistent provider or small group of providers to serve a regular caseload of consumers. These providers are available in set blocks of time to do anything that a traditional in-person telepsychiatry provider would do.

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