Regroup #5 on Growjo’s List of Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies

Growjo Fastest Growing Healthcare Comapnies Regroup Telehealth Telepsychiatry

Regroup has achieved the rank of #5 in Growjo's US Healthcare Segment- and #1 in the Midwest - based on growth indicators and a predictive analysis algorithm unique to the Growjo 10000.

Regroup named fastest growing healthcare company in the midwest

“Regroup is excited to be recognized by Growjo as one of the fastest-growing companies in healthcare. Regroup is doing important work around the country addressing the behavioral health access challenges facing patients and the entities that serve them. Regroup’s telepsychiatry solution blends people, process and technology to deliver the kind of integrated and collaborative care that patients need. Growjo’s recognition of growth underscores Regroup’s ability to overcome traditional barriers to care. This enables our partners to treat more patients and improve outcomes," said David Cohn, Regroup's Founder & CEO.

Regroup's rank of #5 is an indicator of high growth indicators that include employee size, brand awareness, funding, acquisitions, hiring plans, new locations and additional trigger events that formulate and predict the company is growing at an increased rate and/or is poised to grow significantly over the next 3-6 months.

“Rankings on Growjo 10000 reports are based on a data point algorytm formulated to identify companies that are on a steadily increasing growth path,” said Tom Blue, CEO, Growjo. “We are excited to share the achievements of the company rankings on our site because they represent the highest growing companies and those companies that are predictively poised for growth in the foreseeable future.”

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